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As a personal stylist, I have to be ready to answer any and all of my clients’ questions from utilitarian needs to the concept of maximalism. Recently, more and more clients are asking what fashion blogs to follow. In answer to the growing call, I created a thorough list of the best fashion blogs with a focus on personal style. After sorting through hundreds, I narrowed it down to twenty based on three qualifications…

  1. Wearability
  2. Freshness
  3. Minimal Heels

Wearability. I know some of these bloggers’ wardrobes may not seem very wearable to you, but keep in mind personal style is exactly that, personal. Each blog on this list was chosen with at least one of my clients in mind to ensure relevancy to real life. My clientele is quite diverse, so what is wearable for one, will not be wearable for another.

Freshness. There are thousands of quality fashion blogs focused on a certain kind of personal style. To be the best of their kind, a blog needs to be the freshest version of that style. From minimalist to maximalist, all the fashion blogs I chose for this list stood out from all the others for having the most unique, yet flattering interpretation of their niche.

Minimal Heels. My clients only wear comfortable shoes. This is both by their request and mine. Apparel is supposed to enhance your life, not wreck your swagger. With that in mind, blogs that consistently feature heels, or feature heels over 3 inches were generally avoided. I always say, “Wear flats as often as possible, so you can wear heels forever.”

Best Fashion Blog for A Good Time: A Fashion Nerd

Amy Roiland of A Fashion Nerd is the expert of colorful and playful outfits with photography to match. Based in Los Angeles, her look is both alternative and pop. Think of her style as the early 60’s meeting up with the late 90’s in France.

Best Fashion Blog for Shopping Advice: V-Style

I was averse to tooting my own horn, but V-Style is truly the best fashion blog for shopping advice. No other blogger creates more thoroughly researched shopping posts. I have scoured the blogosphere looking for one comparable and there is none. Unlike other fashion blogs, all the items on my shopping posts have been tried on numerous women to ensure they are in fact the best, not just for its style, but for its comfort and fit. To top it off, each carefully selected product on my shopping posts, like Where To Buy Pink, has concise commentary that includes sizing tips, pairing suggestions, the occasional tailoring recommendation, and who is best suited for that particular item. You never know how they choose the shopping suggestions on The Zoe report, but you can trust I have fully tested all the ankle boots on my Best Booties post. To brag a bit more, I recently asked a client if she follows any blogs besides my own and her reply was, “What for?” Toot toot.

Best Cold Weather Fashion Blog: Jess Ann Kirby

Jess Ann Kirby’s blog is one of the best fashion blogs out there, period. Her fresh take on life and style has the mass appeal that wins a spot on any Best of the Best list. For my list, I wanted to highlight her unparalleled ability to curate timeless winter looks with current comfortable fashions. Hands down, Kirby’s blog is the best source for consistent displays of the the most wearable, yet sophisticated winter looks come November.

Best Fashion Blog for Retro Glamour: Margo & Me

The creator of Los Angeles based Margo & Me, Jenny Cipoletti, is a self proclaimed Francophile that describes her style as uber feminine and romantic. Although true, when I look at her collective work I see a more retro theme. Each perfectly paired look seems to play with iconic styles from another time, usually ranging from the 50’s to the 70’s. I’ve never seen anyone create a more stunning vintage feel with modern clothing better than Cipoletti.

Best Fashion Blog for Casual Style: Unfancy

Unfancy is the best blog for what I call grocery chic, or what you may call casual wear. Its creator, Caroline Joy Rector of Texas, is the best at making bare bones outfits appear stylish. She expertly pairs black with brown, stretches her casual looks to more dressy occasions, and wows with a single accessory. Any overly busy human or casual comfort seeker will be interested in her minimalist aesthetic.

Best Fashion Blog for Unexpected Pairings: Atlantic-Pacific

New York’s Atlantic-Pacific is truly a feast for the fashion senses. As wearable as it is eccentric, creator of Atlantic-Pacific, Blair Eadie, is constantly surprising me with her sartorial pairings. In a sea of hobbyists and fashion lovers, Eadie is a true talent and shinning star.

Best Fashion Blog for Plus Size Style: My Curves & Curls

Canada’s Assa Cisse of My Curves & Curls has the best personal style. So many women over a size 12 struggle to find stylish and modern garments, but Cisse makes it look genuinely easy. From preppy to bohemian, Cisse is an expert at curating flattering and stylish looks that any fashion lover would want to imitate.

Best Fashion Blog for Minimalist Style: Style Bee

Canada’s Lee of Style Bee is the epitome of sleek and chic minimalist style. Her perfect outfits, thoughtful writing, and minimalist expertise make Style Bee the best resource for the sophisticated minimalist.

Best Trendy Fashion Blog: Hello Fashion

Scads of trend based fashion bloggers look the same, cover the same trends, carry the same bags, and blend together into this whole ‘cool girl’ vibe whose name you can’t quite remember. They are all beautiful, thin and stylish, but how does one stand out? By being the best at it. Hello Fashion is the best blog for trend addicts. Trendy may be a bad word in my office, but Hello Fashion’s Christine Andrew makes it look good. Salt Lake City is lucky to have her.

Best Fashion Blog For Minimalist Advice: Anuschka Rees

If you are interested in minimizing your wardrobe in a serious way, Anuschka Rees’s blog, formerly Into Mind, is the best resource. Based in Berlin, she has well researched advice, thorough content, workbooks to keep you organized, and literature to boot.

Best Fashion Blog For The New Fashionista: Dean Street Society

The always charming Hillary Rushford of Dean Street Society is a Brooklyn based personal stylist with a focus on feminine women who hesitate with fashion. Her lengthy commentary that accompanies her cute, comfortable, and affordable outfits are always encouraging her readers to be more bold and embrace the joys of delightful fashion. Dean Street Society is the best fashion blog for women who need encouragement and demur at the fashion forward.

Best Fashion Blog For Edgy Petite Style: Petite Style Studio

Boston based Trina of The Petite Style Studio has the most forward yet flattering style I have seen on a petite blogger. She effortlessly makes garments and pairings often better suited for taller women look amazing on her 5′ 3″ frame. The added perk, most pieces she features on her blog are under $100.

Best Fashion Blog For Wearable Forward Style: Happily Grey

Mary Lawless Lee of Happily Grey is the best at interesting fashion that works for your feet. Comfy boots, flats, low heels, and modest chunk heels are the star of her eclectic, fashion forward personal style. No blogger consistently pairs approachable footwear with stylish clothing better than Lee.

Best Fashion Blog for Most Bold Personal Style: Style Pantry

Beverley Hills’ Folake Kuye of Style Pantry should not have made my Best Fashion Blogs list with her dedication to high heels, but her style is too noteworthy. Sexy, playful, sleek, and loud, Kuye’s bold outfits are eye candy for anyone. She also requires a mention for her mastery of wide leg looks. No fashion blogger to date has consistently worn wide leg pants better.

Best Fashion Blog For Seniors: Advanced Style

Advanced Style is without a doubt the best fashion blog for mature style. Outlandish, sophisticated, romantic, colorful, minimal… you name it, every personal style is featured in its lively archives. It reminds me of the children’s book, Harriet the Spy when Ole Golly tells Harriet, “There are as many ways to live as there are people.” Let’s go ahead and tweak that to say, “There are as many ways to dress as there are people.” Advanced Style is proof.

Best Cool Fashion Blog: The Chriselle Factor

The Chriselle Factor by Chriselle Lim is one of the best fashion blogs available for the cleanest takes on the newest trends. The result is a very cool style that makes trendy garments seem like something you’ve always worn. Consequently, following Chriselle keeps you up-to-date with fashion without feeling like its victim. Chriselle was born in Texas, currently lives in LA, and travels often.

Best Fashion Blog for Edgy Minimalism: Could I Have That

Santa Barbara’s Samantha Wennerstrom, creator of Could I Have That, does a terrific job of creating simple outfits with a little edge. Her log of comfortable, yet intriguing minimalist looks will speak to many of my clients focusing on that specific style.

Best Street Style Fashion Blog: The Sartorialist

Where Advanced Style covers every style above a certain age, The Sartorialist focuses on those below, although the mature folks certainly get their cameos. With a focus on New York and Europe, The Sartorialist is famous for being one of, if not the best street style blog in America. I agree.

Fashion Blog With The Most Range: Sea of Shoes

Jane Aldridge of Seas Of Shoes has the most eclectic style on the web. Her looks travel from sex bomb and ‘cool girl’ to retro sweetheart and alternative rocker. I struggled choosing one image to represent every single blog on this post, but Sea of Shoes was the hardest. She has far too much range.

Best Fashion Blog for Plus Size Fashion: The Curvy Fashionista

The Curvy Fashionista is the best online resource for everything ‘Plus Size Fashion.’ Nothing is left unexplored from the newest plus size lines and best plus size fashion blogs, to wide calf boots and plus size costume ideas.


  1. Jaquelyn
    November 29, 2017 / 3:13 pm

    I am definitely bookmarking this post. I’m glad to see so many of my favorites (Advanced Style, Dean Street Society, Style Bee) made the list.

    P.S. I would have included V Style on this list too! 😉

    • vstyle
      December 3, 2017 / 9:21 pm

      Hi Jacquelyn! So glad you enjoyed! And thank you for saying 😉

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